Bed bug eradication in Wokingham and Winnersh 

There is one thing that brings fear to everyone - the idea of having bed bugs, these blood sucking parasites are on the increase and if you travel for business purposes or just on your annual holidays then you are at risk of picking up an infestation of bed bugs. As their name suggest you'll find them primarily living in and around bedding and as they are equipped with tiny hook like appendages they can easily cling on to body hair and night clothes, travelling home as an unexpected souvenir. 
You don't actually have to travel away or spend the night in a hotel, these insects can be picked up anywhere that us humans spend time in one place; aircraft, trains and even cinema seats could hold a small population of bed bugs. These insects are attracted to the carbon dioxide which we exhale along with pheromones that we secrete; they can lie dormant waiting for the next meal to come along - and that meal maybe you! 
Bed bug

Identifying bed bugs in Wokingham and Winnersh 

What does a bed bug look like? 
Well, bed bugs develop in several different stages from the egg; they have a process called simple metamorphosis and this is down to the fact that the young or nymph bed bugs resemble the adult versions. Unlike other insects they do not have a larval stage or undergo pupation. 
Bed bug eggs are creamy white cylinders that will be stuck to a surface; easy to spot on black fabrics but otherwise extremely small and only 1 mm in length. These are laid in small batches of between 5 and 20 per week depending on how the female bed bug can feed; the greater the food supply means more eggs. 
Within 2 weeks the young bed bugs will hatch and they will begin feeding from us, taking in moisture from our blood. They will develop in stages and depending on the availability of food they will usually become sexually mature in around 3 to 4 weeks. 
Young bed bugs are a yellowish colour and as they age the outer skeleton darkens to a reddish brown, oval in shape and with a flat profile, I always think that they resemble apple pips! 
There's some great information from the Readers Digest - follow this link to read more. 
Bed bug

Bed bug infestations in Wokingham and Winnersh 

How do we know if we have a bed bug problem? 
Bed bugs leave tell tale signs behind them and these signs are easy to read if you know what to look for: 
The first is smell - bed bugs have a distinct odour about themselves; its a mix of fecal matter and sex pheromones. Bed bugs are sex mad and the males will release this musty smell to attract the females into their chosen spot, the smell resembles that of a dirty, damp towel. 
The second sign are blood spots; when bed bugs feed they piece our skin and a capillary underneath, our heart produces the blood pressure which literally 'blows' the bed bug up. Not all of this blood is wanted and so they defecate the liquid which can be seen as little black blood spots. 
And thirdly, skin - bed bug skin; as they have a simply growth pattern they will shed their outer skins as they mature. These are almost transparent replicas of the adults and range from yellow through orange to red depending on the stage of growth. 
You will generally find all the signs in one spot with the exception of the blood spots which can be found on sheets and pillowcases. 
The NHS has information on bed bug signs - follow this link to read more. 
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Bed bug extermination in Wokingham and Winnersh 

How do you eradicate our bed bug problem? 
Bed bugs are evolving and adapting to the pesticides that are used by professionals in their control; this means that a chemical only approach to exterminating bed bugs will most likely fail. Research is ongoing and scientists have found that they are able to absorb the chemicals and turn them into harmless compounds. 
The industry is constantly changing and trying to produce new methods of control and so we use a cocktail of the latest chemicals in conjunction with heat: bed bugs cannot withstand high temperatures. Above 50 degrees centigrade both the adults and eggs will die off, so we offer two separate services for bed bug control. 
We use high temperature steam at 180 degrees centigrade which kills the insects instantly - as we pass the end of the steamer across the bed we can see the bugs die. This is backed up with two separate chemicals which have a residual effect; they keep on working for weeks, slowly being absorbed by the insects. 
The other method is to place portable heaters inside and raise the temperature of each affected room to 60 degrees centigrade; this high temperature takes many plastic items to the end of their working life so damage can occur to items like plastic window blinds. We still use chemicals with this approach especially around the perimeter of the treated area. 
More information on bed bug chemical resistance is available - follow this link to read more. 
Professional bed bug control from a local company 

Professional bed bug treatments in Wokingham and Winnersh 

Bed bugs are not about poor hygiene, these are becoming an increasingly common insect pest and we deal with infestations all year long. There is a social stigma about bed bugs and probably the worst thing that you can do is to ignore it or attempt to treat it yourself, we are experts in bed bug control and we can resolve your problem within one or two treatments - don't suffer in silence with bed bugs; give us a ring. 

Total bed bug control in Wokingham and Winnersh 

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