Covid-19 Decontamination and Cleaning in Bracknell  

Anti-viral decontamination in Bracknell 

The role of cleaning up heavily contaminated areas; viruses, bacteria and harmful fungus is something that as professional pest controllers we do a lot of, usually this task is carried out post infestation; birds such as feral pigeons and rats leave a lot of waste and contaminated items behind. Dead animals, feaces and items soaked in urine are the type of things that we remove from properties all over Bracknell. 
This means that we have the skill sets, PPE and equipment to deliver a decontamination service and with the recent Covid-19 crisis we have been asked by some of our monitored customers if we can provide them with this service. We are now offering to the general market a broad spectrum disinfectant decontamination service, this works as an enhancement to your regular cleaning routines, to help make the working environment safe. 

Do you want a safe environment for your workforce? Anti-viral decontamination service from a local company in Bracknell.   

No matter how thorough your cleaning routines are there will always be some cases when further reassurance is required, things like work vehicles and changing rooms are an example of areas that may require a fogging service so you know that the area has been thoroughly decontaminated. 
Here at Bracknell Pest Control we offer a high-level disinfectant fogging service to increase the effectiveness of your cleaning routines, the decontamination process works by filling the area with an ultra-fine mist. This mist penetrates the required area ensuring 100% coverage, as it settles over all the surfaces; walls, ceilings, equipment and on the horizontal surfaces, the disinfectant starts to work instantly, killing any bacteria, fungus spores and viruses fast. 

Clinically proven anti-viral decontamination 

In addition through the application of the fog to compartments and vehicle interiors any airborne viruses are killed along with those strands of the virus that maybe lying on hard to reach surfaces. 
The disinfectant used in the decontamination treatment is verified through clinical testing to kill 99.99% of all pathogens in seconds – proven against bacteria, viruses, yeast and fungus. The decontamination process can be delivered very rapidly and with the time taken for the fog to settle and the surfaces to dry, those treated areas can be used within a couple of hours following the treatment. 

Low cost Covid-19 decontamination in Bracknell 

This treatment is suitable for hotel rooms, domestic houses, care homes and works vehicles; we can apply the fogging method just about anywhere. We offer a low cost treatment which is focused on providing an enhancement to your regular cleaning routines.  
Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 and we will arrange a treatment for you! 
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