Integrated Pest Management   

The pest control industry has a duty of care to its customers and one aspect of that care is the safe use of rodenticide; rodenticide or poison as many people call it, has to be used as a method of rodent control which is the last resort – not the first action. 
Here at Bracknell Pest Control we use a mechanism of pest control called Integrated Pest Management, we are accredited as members of a scheme whereby we try to restrict the amount of rodenticide used in the control of rats, mice and even squirrels. 
Our focus on controlling these rodents is to physically remove the animal from your property. We do this through the use of traps, using a traditional mouse and rat traps to more sophisticated spring traps; none of us at Bracknell Pest Control agree with the use of poison in a domestic property. 
If an animal is poisoned it can die just about anywhere, mice treated with a certain type of rodenticide will die whilst consuming the poison whereas rats tend to die where they nest and if that nest is inside your property that means the start of a real nightmare.  
For example, if the carcase can’t be retrieved you will have a terrible stench followed by bluebottles (carrion flies) coming in to lay egg’s. These hatch and the maggots consume the flesh, after that they will pupate somewhere in your home – leading to more and more flies. 
If a pest control company offers you three visits for a set price, what they don’t tell you is that their control method is straight to poison and you’ll be left with this potential scenario; when it comes to squirrels things get even worse. Squirrels fatten up to get through winter and a full grown adult squirrel weights more than the biggest rat ever will. 
At Bracknell Pest Control we use poison in your property only if we cannot achieve physical control through trapping and this is usually because we have no access into a void where the animals are, or, if the infestation is so bad that we feel that serious damage is about to occur. 
The main emphasis on our brand of pest control is the proofing, that means we investigate all the likely routes into the property from carrying out a CCTV survey of your drains to determine if there is a fault under the building to putting a ladder up and checking the roofline. 
The most important question to ask is: 
“Where are they getting in?” – once we know that we can take effective action in preventing them from gaining further access, trap out those that are inside and seal the opening meaning that you stay pest free for good. 
This is done without the use of poison so no dead bodies rotting in the loft and all with the knowledge that once the treatment is concluded it is done properly. 
We are also accredited to that scheme. 

Got a problem with pests in Bracknell? 

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