Waste Removal and Post Infestation Cleaning in Bracknell   

We have had a problem with rats in our loft, do you offer a cleaning service? 
Rats, mice and even squirrels will find their way up to the loft in both domestic and commercial properties, its alright using pest control to tackle the actual infestation but what about all the mess left behind? 
We can help you with that; as licensed waste carriers and with dedicated vehicles to carry waste material we offer a service aimed at removing soiled items after a rodent problem in Bracknell. 
We remove all contaminated items, giving advice on what is salvageable and what is too heavily soiled to be of use. We remove the loft insulation, spraying with biocide and vacuuming up any loose droppings, then we re-lay insulation. 
All items are carried to an approved waste centre and we will happily provide you with a copy of the paperwork to show that all the waste has been disposed off correctly. 
Pigeons have been nesting on our property and we need the waste material removed, can you help? 
Pigeons make a lot of mess and in a very quick space of time; this is usually outside the property on balconies and where commercial roof top air conditioning plant creates shelter. 
However a broken window, loose roof tile or a door to the roof that was accidentally left open is an invitation to the birds to move in and make themselves at home. 
Bird guano is in itself a hazardous material and so we can clean this up, removing the waste from your premises. We will then spray the area with powerful biocides to kill any remaining bacteria and viruses. 
We can also offer you a re-decking service, tearing up badly contaminated deck boards and replacing with new one's and of course as pest controllers we are able to install bird proofing measures that will keep the birds off the property in the future. 

Waste Removal in Bracknell from a Local Company 

Rats and mice are a common pest across Bracknell and they leave behind a mess which for many people is too big a task to deal with themselves, over the years we have expanded our operation and we now provide a waste removal and cleaning service, removing contaminated items, cleaning up the area and taking down old sheds and outbuildings. 
We will often discover that the reason for the infestation was down to the environment: an overgrown garden, a rotten tumbledown shed and piles of waste or redundant items may give rats somewhere to live, it can provide rainwater collection so a constant water supply and this is enough for rats to move in and take up permanent residence. Removing these items will mean an end to the infestation, combine this with a program of baiting and we can deliver a better pest control service for Bracknell. 
All this material is taken to a waste transfer station for disposal; we can assure that this waste is correctly disposed off and not dumped somewhere - click on this link to see what is recycled. 

Rat and Pigeon Waste Clearance in Bracknell 

Here at Bracknell Pest Control we provide a clearance and cleaning service for both domestic customers and commercial one's; no job too small and no job too big. Our waste is taken away from your site and disposed off correctly, documentation is held by us as required under the Waste Regulations Act 2011. 

Got a problem with waste in Bracknell? 

Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 as we have the solution for you. 
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