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A good business has good management behind it, you recruit and retain your staff through good working practices and you build on your successes through delivery of service and compliance with regulations. As a manager or business owner this is enough to keep you very busy and it tends to be those isolated events that cause the problems ā€“ those events can include something as simple as a pest problem like rats suddenly getting into a warehouse, gnawing on stock or chewing through data cables. 
No matter what your business is or its size we can provide a low cost solution through pest control monitoring in Bracknell. Its not just rats to be aware off but mice and squirrels can pose a similar hazard and we also cover insect pests like cockroaches. 
With our monitoring service we take care of these problems for you and we look at all the pests like pigeons; its common for modern offices to have air conditioning plant on the roof of the property and these areas can quickly become home to a large flock of pigeons, creating a great deal of mess and making the place very hazardous. 
We provide a comprehensive service of pest control in Bracknell, from controlling the pests and monitoring but also cleaning up their mess and removing the waste material; we carryout a type of pest control called Integrated Pest Management and we look much further at the problem. 
The buildings 
We make small repairs to the building fabric as we proceed through the regular checks, a number of small repairs spread out over the year can make quite a difference. An old pipe hole left after a waste pipe has been redirected will allow mice and rats into the interior, we block these up with cement as we go, actively preventing an infestation before it happens. 
The Site 
Its easy to focus on the here and now but we look into the future; we often find small areas around buildings that are left and neglected, these will fill up with shrubs and climbing plants like ivy. Ivy makes a perfect ladder up the side of the building for rats and mice to climb up and access the roof space. We can cut this back and remove the waste for you keeping rodents at bay. 
The risks 
Businesses often need quick solutions to problems like storage and we see metal shipping containers bought in and used as additional storage space; there is a large void beneath these containers that make an ideal home for rats. Rats prefer to burrow and live underground in dry soil with dark conditions and so we look at the risks and likely impact ā€“ we will bait under the container. 

Professional pest control monitoring in Bracknell 

If you are running a successful business then you do, health and safety combined with risk assessments are all left to you and by ignoring a potential risk you leave yourself open and undefended if something was to occur. 
This is most pertinent if your business is involved in the food chain or supplies materials to the chain; you have to meet a raft of different pieces of legislation concerning food safety and hygiene and as such you may have to prove due diligence. 
Should you be found to have a rodent problem or an insect infestation like cockroaches without professional pest control in place what will your defense be? You may not have one and this may lead to your business being forced to close until such time as the infestation is bought under control; a loss of trading revenue, the Court fine and customer confidence could combine and push your business under and Iā€™m sure that your competitors will happily take on the extra custom. 
With a pest control monitoring contract under Section 21 of the Food Safety Act you have a defense especially if you have been following the recommendations in the technicians reports. Lets face it, rats or mice might have come in with a stock delivery and they have yet to be dealt with by pest control measures in place. 
Every company has to take into account the Law in regards to health and safety and produce written policies, these policies are to companies what rules are to the players of a game and this approach is obvious - as your business grows your time to deal with these matters diminishes. Having pest control in your workplace health and safety takes away all the distraction and time spent dealing with these issues should or when they arise. 
Our inspections are carried out on a regular basis and together with IPM we maintain the highest standards in pest control. 
Case studies of our monitoring solution 
Case study 1 
We provide monitoring for a business in Bracknell that had a problem with rats in the car park and around the bins, some of the staff felt unsafe taking the rubbish out especially when rats were in the bin compound. We have found where the rats were living and baited their burrows, eradicated the population. We now monitoring the grounds and the warehouse as the door is open during working hours, a simple low-cost solution to what was a large concern. 
Case study 2 
We were asked to eradicate a cockroach infestation in a Reading restaurant, Environmental Health had done an inspection and found the insects immediately closing the business. The owner was taken to Court and fined, we found rats in the building and dealt with those at the same time as the cockroaches. We mow provide a monitoring service for the restaurant and have the rats access point in a neighboring building, this has been sealed and we have no more issues with rats inside the property. 
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