Wasp and hornet treatments for Reading and the surrounding area. 

Why are wasps in Bracknell such a problem? 

Wasps and hornets are a threat to those living in Berkshire, the Queens emerge from hibernation in Spring and from that moment they are active right through summer and into the autumn. You will see wasps everywhere throughout the UK however with hornets, they prefer the wooded areas where food for them is in abundance. There are 9,000 different types of wasp here in the UK. The main types of wasp we think of as pests in Bracknell and the rest of the UK are the European or German wasp and the common wasp. 
Vespula vulgaris (the common wasp) will typically be found in roof spaces, lofts or your cavity wall. the European wasp will nest in your Bracknell home but can often be found in a hole in the ground or a bush in your garden – the European wasp is extremely aggressive when disturbed and due to their choice of location it is easy to brush the nest hidden away behind the leaves and branches. In the peak of summer or end of the season there have been wasp nests known to hold up to 15,000 wasps. Imagine all of them flying around you, now that’s a buzz! 
Both the Common wasp and European wasp should be a considered dangerous as their stings can be fatal. Wasps release a pheromone which travels through the air to alert their nest that they are being attacked, this chemical is released when they sting, die, or generally encounter a threat. Wasp nests should be treated by a professional pest controller who is supplied with the appropriate protective suits and the correct insecticides 
With the hot summer last year, we were constantly taking calls to treat hornet nests in Bracknell. Hornets hold a similar venom to wasps, but you can sure feel the difference between their sting. They carry three times the amount of venom and the venom is slightly different and affects our pain receptors in a different way. 
There is a new hornet invading the homes of the UK but has not yet been reported in Bracknell. The Asian hornet is a new species which has introduced itself to the South Coast and East Anglia travelling along the rivers that flow throughout the country. These hornets are deadly to us humans and our beloved honeybee. They eat honeybees which they feed to their larvae and then later in the season they rob the hive of honey destroying the colony and bringing the hive to an end. 
Asian hornets’ nests have several Queens which means numbers increase at a much faster rate than the normal Europeans hornets we see in Bracknell. These hornets are extremely dangerous and have been responsible for multiple deaths in France, please stay away from these and call us immediately if you find a nest. 
Once the wasp or hornets’ nest has been treated our technician will monitor their activity to ensure the treatment has been done successfully and the pesticide has reached the nest. Where possible we will remove the nest but wasps do not reuse them so do not worry about them coming back to that nest next year, all of our work for wasps nests is guaranteed so if there is activity 48 hours later we will come out and treat it again free of charge. 
Wasps and hornet nests in Bracknell are dealt with within 24 hours of getting a call out 
Got a problem with a hornet or wasp nest in Bracknell? 
Don’t wait, phone us on 01344 534 311 and we will arrange a treatment for you. 
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