Pest Control in Ascot 

Bracknell Pest Control is a family run business registered under All Aspects Pest Control LTD. 
Rat eradication and mice infestations in Ascot are common and we are starting to see more and more with the increased population. Whether it be squirrels in your loft or rats in your garden if you’re based in Ascot, Sunningdale or Sunninghill we will not limit you to a certain number of visits as you never know how many appointments the job requires. 
Our initial visit is the most important, we will arrive and immediately start scanning the building for potential access points there’s no point doing the job if we don’t try and find out where the problem is occurring, otherwise they’ll just come back next year! We will fill holes, cover holes, install valves and much more to make sure this is the last time you see your furry friends. 
All proofing and repair work will be done to a reasonable extent, if it requires another trade, we will advise you on the work that needs to be done and refer someone if need be. 

Hornet and Wasp Nest Treatment in Ascot 

All our hornet and wasp nest removals in Ascot are guaranteed, and we don’t charge for additional nests! Meaning you don’t get stung with an unanticipated extra charge! 
We can treat wasp nests in two different ways, one being a powder which is pumped through a pressurised container up a long rod into the nest typically used when there is a wasp nest underneath your roof tiles. 
The second treatment is used inside if the wasp nest is a distance away from the wasps access hole, we’ll also use this treatment if the wasps are causing a problem by getting into living spaces and this method kills all wasps immediately. We are often asked; why are there dead wasps by my window? The typical answer is that normally there will be a wasp nest in a void area like your loft, the wasps will fall down the small gaps down the side of your loft hatch and won’t be able to find their way back. 
Cockroach on stone

Mole Catching in Ascot 

At Bracknell Pest Control we carryout mole catching on a no catch, no fee basis. Due to the extensive woodland area in Ascot and surrounding areas, moles become a huge problem. How can something so small make so much damage? Moles work on 4 hour cycles, they’ll eat/work for four hours and sleep, what a life right? 
Moles are hardworking animals working a patch of ground for four hours then resting for four hours, extremely active over three separate periods - spring when the breeding season starts, mid summer when the young moles are expelled from the nest by the mother mole and finally in late autumn as they prepare for winter. 
Moles will cause a lot of damage to an area in a relatively quick time and we can often catch that mole within 24 hours of starting a treatment - more information on moles is found on our website as they are the pest of the month for Match - click here to follow the link. 

Bird proofing works and guano cleaning in Ascot 

A recent problem many people have is pigeons nesting underneath solar panels, it has become a big problem that has hit many homeowners as the panels have just enough space underneath to provide a much-needed sheltered nesting grounds. When it comes to pigeon control we don’t just stop there… We cover all aspects of bird work from netting underground car parks to spiking signs on the front of shop windows. 
Pigeons create their nests from rubbish and twigs all cemented together with their feaces and these nests will contain harmful bacteria and it requires a specialist clean with the correct protective clothing and accessories to remove the nests, staining and any dead birds. 
If you have a bird issue getting you into a bit of a flap, please give us a call on 01344 534 311. 
Our website has details of bird work we do on our pigeon page - click here to follow the link 
Cockroach on stone

Bed Beg Treatments in Ascot 

Bed bugs are quickly becoming one of the biggest pests in the industry, slowly but surely these insects are resisting and becoming immune to our pesticides meaning they’re now harder than ever to get rid of. If you have a bed bug infestation in Ascot then you have come to the right place, At Bracknell Pest Control (part of All Aspects Pest Control LTD Hyperlink to We give you two different treatments, one is a localized heat treatment killing anything in our steamers path and we also use the industry standard pesticides just to ensure we are going above and beyond to ensure we don’t let the bed bugs bite! 
If the problem is not solved by our treatments we’ve just mentioned we have a last option, our industrial heaters will heat your home to 60 degrees centigrade which will kill off all living organisms in your home; the thermal death rate is around 50 degrees for all stages of the bed bugs lifecycle. 
Click here to follow the link to bed bugs on our website 

Squirrel Control in Ascot 

Squirrels can be a serious pest; these animals are an introduced species from north America with no natural predators in the UK. With two breeding seasons every year the numbers of grey squirrels have dramatically risen, while the red squirrel population has been decimated through squirrel pox - carried by the greys. 
As a non-native species it is illegal to trap and release a grey squirrel - Click here to visit the Red Squirrel page for more information. 
These squirrels become a pest when they gnaw their way into a loft; once inside they will attempt to build a nest; called a drey. They will do this by scraping up insulation and tearing up soft furnishings stored inside. 
We trap squirrels as our approach to control; it is legal to poison them but we don't think that this is a viable control method - the probability is that the animal will die somewhere in the loft and stink the house out. 
Cockroach on stone

  Cockroach Treatments in Ascot 

Cockroaches are on the increase throughout; our modern shipping methods means that items produced abroad will appear at our homes and businesses within hours or just days. The female cockroach lays her egg's in a protective case called an ootheca and this may contain up to 35 young cockroaches. 
If these are laid inside a package which then turns up within your home then you may have an infestation within days; the second hand market also plays its part and its not unknown for an infestation to appear after such a purchase. 
We use a combination of pesticides in the forms of gels, liquids and fogging agents over a number of visits to control a cockroach infestation. 
For commercial premises we provide a monitoring service to prevent and bring about quick intervention should cockroaches appear - don't let cockroaches ruin your business reputation. 

Rat Catching in Ascot 

Rats are a constant presence all over Ascot; spring see's a migration away from homes and businesses into the environment and autumn see's them return; we actually call the winter months "Rat season" for this very reason. 
We look at rats with a view to answering the question - "Where are they coming from?" and "How are they getting into my property?" - we do this not with the liberal use of rodenticide like many of our competitors but with patience. 
We track and trap the animals so we can understand where they are getting into a building; we even include CCTV drain surveys in our standard treatment so we can understand if they are using the drains. 
Once we know where they're getting in we can give you a solution to keep you pest free for the future as we will seal up the entrances or fit one way valves in the drains if this is required. 
Rats are our pest of the month for January - click here to find out why. 
Field mouse
Mouse Control in Ascot 
Mice can be a menace for homeowners; able to squeeze through a hole the size of your little finger the most common species found in Ascot is the little field mouse. We find the best way to deal with these rodent intruders is to seal up all the access points and then trap the area. 
Beware of pest controllers who want to poison mice: it is illegal under the professional label requirements - field mice form an important part of the food chain for owls and other raptors and we follow the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) and therefore we do not use rodenticide on mice. 
Easy to trap and without sealing up the entrances you will have a repeat infestation within months. 
Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Bracknell Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home. We are disrupting the industry by doing the job properly! I know crazy right? 
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