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Here at Bracknell Pest Control we do things with a difference: for example we treat as our customers as our priority. Its little things like treating more than one wasp nest found at a property within the price of the single nest that make us different to other companies. When we have a rat problem inside someones property we include a CCTV drain survey as part of our rat treatment as standard - no additional charges; if the rats are getting in via a broken drain then surely that's our job to find out right? We don't believe in hiking up prices and we don't give you 2 or 3 visits for rats, mice and squirrels and then charge you again; we'll keep on going with your pests until we gain control. 
Its pest control being carried out as it should be - we don't have 'special offers' or buy one get one free deals we just offer a professional pest control service. 
Wasp on a glass

Hornet and Wasp Nest Treatment in Binfield 

Wasps and hornets are around from early spring until winter and for many people these insects instill fear and all our technicians have a variety of ways to deal with the nest and they are equipped with PPE that will protect them form any stings - so leave any treatments to the professionals. 
We believe in providing the highest standards of service and so in the event that we find a second, third or fourth wasp nest we will treat these for no extra cost. Our technicians will have a look at the property and kill off any wasp nests that you may have not noticed. 
All our treatments are guaranteed so in the event that the wasp nest does not die off within 24 hours we will be back to re-treat it within 24 hours - no charge. 

Mole Catching in Binfield 

Moles live a solitary life and for many people they will never have a problem with molehills in their garden; there are two periods of intense activity with moles - late winter and mid summer. The breeding season kicks off in January with the males digging runs searching for the females' territory and then late summer when the mother mole expels her young from her territory. 
Knowing that moles can pop up and disappear just as quick we work on the basis of no catch means no fee: if the mole has gone and we didn't catch it then you don't get the bill. 
Seems to good to be true? Give us a call and find out. Never pay up front for a mole catcher as you may not know whether they were successful or not as moles form other territories can take over the one that's just been removed. 
Click on this link to see why moles are our pest of the month for March 

Bird Netting & Proofing in Binfield 

A modern problem associated with pigeons is when the birds start roosting and nesting beneath roof top solar panels; these panels give the pigeons protection from the weather and from predators while giving them a perch on the panel support bars. 
Its common to flock sizes upwards of 20 or more all nesting on one roof, this means that you have feathers, bird poo and the noise! Pigeons spread disease in their guano (poo); bacteria, fungus, viruses are all found in this matter and it will contain other insects pests living in the mass of bird feaces that builds up under the panels. 
The guano is highly acidic end it will eat away at paintwork, metal, stone and even concrete as it leaches out minerals and salts. contained within A build of guano on the pavement or patio is also very slippery and you risk falling; an issue of liability for commercial premises. 
Bed bug on skin

Bed Beg Treatments in Binfield 

The demand for bed bug treatments is increasing and will soon be the Number 1 pest; these blood sucking insects are becoming more difficult to treat as they are developing chemical resistance. There is a stigma about confessing to having bed bugs and we find that many people leave it far too long before seeking professional help. 
Increased travel means that's its easy to pick these insects up form trains, planes and of course - hotel beds. If you have bed bugs time is essential to prevent the infestation growing and spreading. 
Bed bugs are becoming more resistant to chemicals and as the unresistant one's get killed off then the population gets stronger and stronger - we have a way round that with heat treatments as standard for our bed bug control. 
Rats in a drain

Rat and mouse catching in Binfield 

When it comes to rats and mice we start our treatments with the use of humane traps; the use of rodenticide as a poison to kill them should be considered only as a last resort. 
We track and trap using the rodents to show us how they've got into a building and having determined the entrance point we will then seal it up meaning that you stay rat or mouse free - for good. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of your little finger while rats will get through one the size of your thumb - for this reason that's why we don't use poison and locate the entrance for you. 
When treating rats we will often find that there is nothing wrong with the exterior of the building so we will look a bit deeper: into your drainage system. We carryout CCTV surveys when required for no additional charge; if you've got rats then we need to have the solution so we look further than other companies to rid you of rats. 

Squirrel Catching in Binfield 

The grey squirrel is a native species of north America and was introduced into the UK back in Victorian times; cute and sociable these charming rodents are a real pest. They have razor sharp teeth that are harder than iron and powerful jaws meaning that they can gnaw through sheet steel to gain access into a building. 
You will find squirrels in lofts; having two breeding seasons a year means that a loft is an ideal place to bring up the young squirrels and once in the loft they will rip up soft items stored within to build themselves a nest. 
Not content with ripping up a few old jumpers, squirrels will drag all the insulation into a ball and nest in the middle; we trap squirrels as its the most humane way to dispatch them. 
Squirrels are our pest of the month in February - click here to find out why 
Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Bracknell Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home.  
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