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We are a local family run pest control company that prides itself on the standard of service we provide for our customers, when it comes to a pest problem at your home - we'll treat it like it was ours. We don't resort to the use of rodenticide as a first and only means of getting rid of rats, mice and squirrels as we believe that this is counterproductive; instead we track and trap allowing the rodents to show us the way in which we'll then seal up. This means an end to the problem, no dead animals rotting in the loft and subsequently no flies and maggots. 
Our approach is called Integrated Pest Management: we look at all the ways to bring a rodent infestation under control - traps, poison and proofing and we do this for all our customers whether a small domestic house right up to a major company headquarters. Our approach has seen us work with Reading Borough Council and Reading Football Club - we are experts in rodent control. 
As part of our commitment to give you the best service possible we have invested in CCTV drain cameras and we will carryout a drain survey to detect an access point underground for rats - for free! Its all part of our ethos - you want to be free of the problem and we want to get you there. 
Its not just the rodent pests where we do things differently; we also provide a guarantee for our wasp and hornet nest treatments, we will treat not only the nest that you call us out for but any others we find included in the price - we don't rack up 'additional' charges we just provide a good service. All of these nests are guaranteed and if in the event that it does not die off within 24 hours we will return to retreat free of charge. 
We treat all insect pest like carpet beetles and bed bugs; when it comes to bed bugs again we take a different approach from many pest control companies. Bed bugs are quickly becoming resistant to the pesticides used in their control and so we have combined an array of chemicals and application methods to combat the problem along with the application of high temperatures for every treatment. For a localised problem; when they are in the bed for example, we use 180 degree Celsius steam and for a more widespread problem we will install portable heaters to raise the entire room temperature. 
We also do bird control work - proofing around roof top solar panels to keep pigeons out and netting and spiking to prevent birds from accessing areas like air conditioning plant and balconies on flats. Part of the work we do is cleaning up the mess left behind the birds and we are licensed waste carriers meaning that we can undertake clearance work, getting rid of contaminated material from lofts where there has been a rat problem to a garden clearance and removing old sheds. 
Wasp on a glass

Hornet and Wasp Nest Treatment in Crowthorne 

These insects will spend the winter sheltering in a loft or a shed in Crowthorne and then come out in the spring; each wasp or hornet nest is built from scratch each year and when you consider that an average wasp nest may contain several thousand wasps - that's a lot of work! 
We guarantee our treatments as we feel that this is only right - you don't want wasps living on your property and we have the ability to deal with them. 
As an ethical company we do not treat bee's - we are happy to provide guidance or move them but we will not kill them.  

Mole Catching in Crowthorne 

We are confident in our ability to catch moles (this is how I started out in pest control) and we work on a no catch equals a no fee basis; that's right, if we don't catch it then you don't get a bill, its as simple as that. 
Moles are solitary creatures who live in tightly controlled territories and these will overlap rather like a Venn diagram; when your mole is caught we will leave the traps down to see if there is another one just across the way. 
Click on this link to see why moles are our pest of the month for March 

Bird Netting & Proofing in Crowthorne 

Feral pigeons can be a problem just about anywhere that you live and Crowthorne is no exception; we see that a modern problem is pigeons nesting beneath solar panels on domestic roofs. 
We deal with a lot of pigeon problems around balconies and commercial premises and now this; whatever your problem we can install a deterrent and clean up the mess, taking all the rubbish away with us - don't get in a flap if you've got a pigeon problem , just give us a call. 
Bed bug on skin

Bed Beg Treatments in Crowthorne 

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly common as a pest infestation in the UK, our ability to travel and the speed in which we do so gives these hitchhiking parasites the ride of their life. 
You can tell if you have a bed bug problem: look for lines of bites on the shoulders, arms and neck - this is where the bugs crawl over the sheets and find the junction of skin / cloth. You may also see blood spots on sheets and pillow cases - these appear as small black dots, as the population rises so does the spotting. 
If you think that you have a bed bug problem do not delay as they will just get worse, don't let the bed bugs bite - call us out! 
Rats in a drain

Rat and mouse catching in Crowthorne 

We are seeing a problem with rodents such as rats and field mice which are reaching massive population numbers, it is estimated that there are over 120 million rats in the UK and we have certainly seen a big rise in field mice over the last couple of years. 
These animals make scratching sounds in the loft at night and if they can get into the kitchen they will damage stored such as cartons and bags, droppings and urine are all signs of a mouse or rat infestation. 
As rats and mice carry bacteria and even viruses which can be very threatening to health don't dismiss a simple mouse problem; these spread disease and we can stop them in their tracks. 

Squirrel Catching in Crowthorne 

The grey squirrel is a major problem throughout Crowthorne and Bracknell, with no natural predators in the UK, this introduced species has quickly grown in numbers to become a real pest. 
The female squirrel will live within a defined territory and as numbers grow so does demand for space, squirrels will leave the woodland and countryside to take up residence inside a loft - its dry and protected and just the perfect place to bring up the young. 
Squirrels cause a lot of damage inside a loft, gnawing on wood work, chewing on electrical cables and tearing up insulation - we trap and seal up the entrance point to get you pest free. 
Squirrels are our pest of the month in February - click here to find out why 
Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Bracknell Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home.  
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