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We are a family run pest control company that has a focus on delivering a premium service at the right price; we don't have special offers or Christmas discounts as this industry should not run that way. What we do have is a personal service and high standards, we look at your pest problem as though it was our problem - we trap and remove rodents like rats and squirrels rather than use poison and we actively search for their entrance point so that we can seal this up as the final act.  
We work across the domestic sector and no job is too small, for example we provide mole catching services on large country estates but we just as eager to catch one mole in a small lawn. We provide commercial monitoring and work for organisations like Reading Borough Council and Reading Football Club; no job is too large and no job too small - from providing pest control for a top flight football team to a corner shop, your our customer and our customers are our priority. 
We are licensed upper tier waste carriers and we carryout bird guano cleaning on commercial roof tops and domestic balconies all over Bracknell and Reading: we can install anti-bird netting that does not harm the birds and clean up and remove the waste they leave behind. 
The pest control service we provide is based on a design called Integrated Pest Management and this is a highly effective method of controlling those pests like the rodents: the solution provided saves you money in the long run by not having repeated infestations. Using rodenticide to poison off a rodent is a short cut to nowhere because their population is rising all the time and you will experience another infestation in due course. 
IPM is based on a number of steps: 
Step 1: A thorough survey of the property; if your home is semi-detached then this takes in the other half of the building because the access point maybe next door and without our intervention it just will not stop. 
Step 2: Physical control as the primary method; anyone who has had the experience of rats dying under the floorboards will tell you what a distressing experience this is. 
Step 3: Changes to the environment and this is why we provide a waste clearance service. 
Step 4: Implementation of a long term monitoring plan; more applicable to the commercial sector but we can provide regular visits to maintain your pest free status. 
Wasp on a glass

Hornet and Wasp Nest Treatment in Finchamstead 

Both wasps and hornets are rising in numbers; possibly down to climate change where we are seeing hotter summers and warmer winters, these insects are probably everyone's Number One Pest! 
We guarantee our wasp nest treatments in that they will be gone within 24 hours, if by chance you still have activity we will happily come out to re-treat the nest free of charge.  
Whats more, if we find anymore nests we will include those within the treatment and cover them with that same guarantee. We don't hike on additional charges or ramp up the bill. 
When you choose Bracknell Pest Control - you don't get stung! 

Mole Catching in Finchamstead 

Moles are seldom seen and if you live in a property that borders open land - always there, burrowing away at about 4 metres an hour its not uncommon to receive a call from a customer with numerous mole hills that appeared overnight. 
We provide a mole catching service based on traditional means: we use barrel traps which have changed very little in design over the centuries and we work on a traditional basis - its called "No catch - No fee". 
We don't charge up front or for setting up, what we do is charge you for a successful catch and any subsequent moles that we find. 
Click on this link to see why moles are our pest of the month for March 

Bird Netting & Proofing in Finchamstead 

We provide a complete bird control service dealing with feral pigeons: netting and spiking and cleaning up after the birds but we also deal with a new problem: it seems that pigeons have discovered that the are beneath solar panels is the ideal place to build a nest. 
The birds descend on properties with roof top solar panels and before you know it there's a whole flock up there, noise, feathers and bird poo are all the hazards that you have to contend with. 
So we have the solution: we can install steel mesh around the lower edge of the panels, sealing off the void area and preventing the birds from getting back underneath. 
Don't let pigeons give you the bird. 
Bed bug on skin

Bed Beg Treatments in Finchamstead 

We are seeing two trends when it comes to bed bugs: the first an increase in demand and the second, chemical resistance from the insects to the pesticides used in their control. 
Overseas travel and a expanding population is driving a rise in demand for treatment and the insects are becoming harder to eradicate. One sure fire thing that works on bed bugs is the application of heat to kill them off. 
Every treatment we do has a heat element to it: either localised in the form of extremely high temperature steam or through the entire room form portable heating appliances. 
We use a variety of chemicals in support to give you a comprehensive treatment - don't let the bed bugs bite; give us a call. 
Rats in a drain

Rat and Mouse Catching in Finchamstead 

When it comes to rats and mice our treatments always start with trapping as part of the IPM approach, we find that rats can enter a property unseen through the drainage system.  
So we include CCTV surveys with the rat treatments; we look further than other pest control companies to resolve your pest problem. The survey is included at no extra charge because WE have to understand the root cause so WE can deliver the service that we want to. 
Our aim is to bring your problem to a successful resolution and we do that through trapping, tracking and proofing to seal up any access points - that's why we say our customers are our priority. 

Squirrel Catching in Finchamstead 

Squirrels in Finchamstead will be the north American grey squirrel; an introduced species bought over from the USA in the Victorian era; what the Victorians didn't know that here in the UK - the grey squirrel has no predators. 
With nothing to control the population squirrel numbers have risen to record levels, the grey squirrel female lives in a static territory while the males roam free; the high numbers means that competition for space and nesting sites is very high. 
One place the squirrels have discovered that its good to nest in? Your loft! We trap squirrels in your loft, removing the animals and eventually sealing up the entrance point - we do not use poison on squirrels. 
Squirrels are our pest of the month in February - click here to find out why 

Cockroach Control in Finchamstead 

Another insect pest that's on the rise in Finchamstead: Cockroaches! We now depend on a 'just in time' strategy for buying goods; something in a factory is within our homes within hours especially foodstuffs that are flown into the UK. 
As cockroaches lay their egg's within a protective purse known as a ootheca, these can be stuck inside an electrical appliance of a multipack of canned goods and by the time they hatch - they're in your kitchen. 
The ootheca contains over thirty individual egg's and that's enough to kickstart a full blown infestation, you will be completely unaware at first as young nymph cockroaches do not look like their adult counterparts. 
We use a variety of poison gels, chemical sprays and foggable agents to eradicate your cockroach infestation as they are becoming chemically resistant to the pesticides in use. 

Waste Clearance in Finchamstead - 01344 534311 

Working with birds, rats and mice we come across a lot of mess and contaminated items so its only natural for us to provide a post infestation cleaning and waste removal service, as licensed waste carriers we can clean up and take away all the mess and rubbish left behind. From clearing out a garden and removing old rotten sheds that harboured rats to stripping out insulation from a contaminated loft we can do it all. 
We provide the service to both the domestic and commercial areas, after all it can be daunting to have to clean up and remove all the animal feaces - why not let the professionals do it? 
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Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Bracknell Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home.  
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