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We are a local family run business that offers a professional service focused on the highest standards of customer service, we don't run rodent treatments on a set number of visits for a set price; we'll do the job from start to finish for one price. We do not go straight to poison for rat, mice and squirrel infestations inside homes and businesses as we trap; this allows us to take out the dead animals and find out the access point - this, we will seal to stop them getting back in at a later date. 
We carryout drain surveys as PART of our investigation into how rats are getting in; all part of the service with us and not subject to 'add-on' charges like many other companies - we WANT to get you rat free. 
For us its about treating your home as if it were our home, we only want to deliver the best service that we can - Our customers are our priority. 
Wasp on a glass

Hornet and Wasp Nest Treatment in Winnersh 

The level of service we offer filters down to wasp and hornet treatments: we will guarantee that the nest dies out within 24 hours and we will happily retreat if it doesn't. 
We will also inspect the property and any other nest we find and it doesn't matter if its a different species, we will treat that and include that treatment in the original price - its a case of buy one - get the rest free! 
Find out more about wasps and hornets - click here to follow the link 

Mole Catching in Winnersh 

At Bracknell Pest Control we work on a no catch, no fee basis, we don't take payment up front as there is no guarantee that the mole is still in the area; these creatures move around a lot at certain times of the year and they can pop up in your lawn overnight and the leave just as quickly. 
When you choose us for mole catching you only pay for the proven results - can't say fairer than that? 
Click on this link to see why moles are our pest of the month for March 

Bird Netting & Proofing in Winnersh 

Feral pigeons are a major problem in Winnersh and right across Berkshire, with few predators and a high level of intelligence these are increasing in numbers all the time. 
Pigeons leave a highly toxic mess behind them wherever they roost or nest; a modern problem is that they will nest beneath solar panels that are fixed to roof tops - free from predators and safe from the weather, this is an ideal place to nest. 
We carryout different forms of bird control from netting and spiking to installing a skirt around the lower edge of the solar panels that prevent the birds from accessing the void beneath. 
Bed bug on skin

Bed Beg Treatments in Winnersh 

Bed bugs are on the increase due to a combination of increased overseas travel, increasing population and movement of people and an inherited resistance to some of the chemicals used in bed bug control. 
In order to combat the rise in chemical resistance we always use heat in our treatments - heat kills bed bugs by taking them above a temperature called the Thermal Death Point; the TDP for these insects is 45 degrees centigrade. 
We use either a portable device that ejects 180 degree steam or electric heaters that raise the entire room to 60 degrees. Combined with the latest cutting edge chemical's its bye bye bed bugs. 
More information is available on our website - click here to follow the link 
Rats in a drain

Rat and mouse catching in Winnersh 

Our approach to all rodents and that is mice, rats and squirrels is one where we prefer to trap as a means of control than use rodenticide, this means that there is less risk to other animals like shrews and hedgehogs and we can avoid dead animals stinking the place out. 
There is a common myth that rats and mice when poisoned will be thirsty and seek out water so you'll find the dead bodies where the water supply is - pure fantasy. No one can predict where they will die and we want to avoid them dying in your property - infestation of bluebottle flies followed by maggots and then more flies will happen, so we use traps. 
We also use the trapped animals to indicate the access point - once found we will seal this up to keep you pest free.  
More information on rats is found on our website - click here to visit 

Squirrel Catching in Winnersh 

The squirrel we are referring to is the north American Grey Squirrel and as it names suggests its not from around here; these were introduced in the Victorian era and have become a major pest since them. 
Equipped with teeth that are harder than iron and powerful jaws, squirrels will gnaw through wood and plastic with ease and even get through sheet metal - your roof fascia will be made of wood or plastic and this is where we find the squirrels. 
They have two breeding seasons and as the females live within a defined territory, there is fierce competition for nest sites which means that we all run the risk of squirrels eating their way into our homes. 
You can find more information on squirrels on our website as they are our pest of the month in February - click here to find out more. 
Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Bracknell Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home. We are disrupting the industry by doing the job properly! I know crazy right? 
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