Rats in the drains or the environment? How rats come into homes across the Winnersh area. 

Rat in pipe
Rat outside at night
If you have the misfortune to have a rat problem, then where do they come from and how do they get inside?  
There is a major difference in conducting a pest control treatment for rats if you know where they are coming in from, for example, if a pest controller uses rodenticide at a property where the rats live in the drains and head into houses from the sewerage system, there you’re completely wrong. For one thing, you are wasting money and time as rats will keep on coming in from the sewers.  
All the time you are going through endless cycles of pest controllers putting down poison, killing off the latest group of rats to repeat the cycle weeks or months later you are exposed to rats gnawing on electrical cables and plastic water pipes – what a waste of time. 

Rat control in Winnersh from a local company. 

We recently attended a property in Winnersh that has paid out hundreds of pounds in pest control fee’s, the family have been terrified for years with rats running through the kitchen and having to put up with the occasional stink from a dead rat under the floorboards.  
We know the area well and so set about a drain survey, this uncovered a previously buried manhole cover, this was dug up and it allowed us to send the camera down the lateral drain and up …. under the floorboards. The new kitchen that was installed three years ago? The workmen had left open a disused drain allowing a procession of rats over the following years, having local knowledge means that we know where to look. 
Rat in the grass
Rat on a wall

Rat catching in Winnersh 

Rats are our Number 1 pest, it’s the pest that I dislike the most and the one pest which we deal with on a daily basis. I have a issue about rats and when they’re inside our properties, to say I’m passionate about eradicating rats is putting it mildly!  
The rat population is booming across Britain, numbers are thought to be above 120 million and climbing still, these animals have adapted from living in a grassland environment to moving into our homes as they scavenge off us. Our food production and storage methods give these rodents every chance they need to flourish and as the human population grows so does the rat population. 
Rat on a pipe
Rat by basin
Rat swinging on a rope

Problems with rats in Winnersh – how local knowledge can solve the problem. 

As a local company we cover the Winnersh area with technicians on the streets every day, from providing monitoring services for businesses and residential blocks of flats we have an intimate knowledge of the Winnersh area and so when we are faced with rats inside a property we already have a background knowledge of where the likely entrance point will be. 
We practise a more comprehensive style of pest control called Integrated Pest Management and for rats in houses we focus on the investigation, eradication through trapping and then proofing to seal up the entrance point meaning that you will be rat free for good. 
We provide CCTV drain surveys at no additional cost; its not unusual for us to open up a drain and determine that the rats are coming in from the sewerage system and have the answer within minutes of starting a treatment. 

Fully trained pest control professionals for Winnersh. 

As a family run business all our technicians are fully trained in Pest Management, many companies do not see the need for a formal qualification and train their staff in-house, we believe that successful pest control needs a background in fully understanding all these animals and insects. 
If you have a problem with rats in Winnersh give us a call, we will give you a no obligation quote and talk you through how we conduct our treatments, we don’t use rodenticide as our first and only means of rat control. If you want to be free of rats then you need to understand how they’re getting in and that’s what we do – professional rat control in Winnersh. 
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