Pest Control Testimonials Our approach to pest control is that our customer's are our responsibility We go the extra mile to ensure that you are pest free in Wokingham, Reading, Maidenhead and Bracknell 

Genuine extracts from websites that we use to advertise: read what our customers have to say. 

Case study - Hornets being a nuisance in Maidenhead - August 2015 
"Absolutely fantastic service! I called Tony about a hornets nest in a dormer window on a Sunday morning. He was here within the hour and thoroughly assessed the problem, including checking the roof space. Despite very difficulty access, Tony found a way of reaching the nest and treated it. His approach is utterly professional, informative and friendly. The price quoted was charged despite it being a more complex job. Highly recommended!" 
Source - Little Green Book of Excellence 
Case study - Rats in the garden of a house in Woodley - April 2016 
"Outstanding service, Tony arrived to discuss my rat situation within two hours of phoning him. He is very knowledgeable of rat behaviour and was therefore able to position rat boxes in the optimum positions. He also surveyed my garden and the exterior of my house to ensure that the rats couldn't gain entrance to my house or loft. He gave sensible and realistic advice to what changes I could make to try and ensure that once we got rid of the rats they wouldn't be back. The treatment plan had taken four weeks but we are now completely rat free. Tony is scrupulous in ensuring that he reduces any risk to birds and other mammals as much as is feasibly possible. I would not hesitate to recommend." 
Source - Little Green Book of Excellence 
Case Study - Mole in the front lawn in Wokingham - May 2016 
"We woke last Monday to find we had a mole in our front garden. Tony from All Aspects Pest Control answered our call almost immediately and as he was almost finished a job nearby he said he could be with us in 20 minutes! Tony arrived on time and was instantly able to assess the situation. He was keen to find the source of the moles entry into the garden and spent quite some time looking all round and investigating possible sources. When none could be identified, he set traps returning the next day to find the mole had been caught. There have been no further issues since, Tony was a really good guy, knowledgeable, friendly and reliable. A good value-for-money service, I would absolutely use them again and very happy to recommend". 
Source - Little Green Book of Excellence 
Case Study - Mice in a house in Reading - June 2016 
I had a problem with mice that I initially tried to deal with myself using small traps but was then at my wits end having discovered that they had starting eating through my sofa! The initial visit was great, pricing was very reasonable considering the expertise that you buy with it as there were explanations of the stages the process would go through (poison first, mouse proof later). I was concerned about the poisoning aspect due to having a dog as well as lots of other (non-destructive) wildlife around the house. Tony was brilliant, ensuring that the poison was only put in places non accessible to anything other than the mice. He quickly identified the route of entry (I had no clue) and within a couple of weeks of the poison going down he was able to complete the first stage of mice proofing! On top of this, the communication both between and about visits was excellent so I wasn't having to wait around and always knew when to expect him. I only wish I'd saved the effort of trying to deal with it myself and calling them straight away. Will use them again if I ever have to and would certainly heartily recommend them! Thank you. 
Source - Little Green Book of Excellence 
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