Local professional pest control across Bracknell 

We will attend to any call out within 24 hours of receiving the telephone call with qualified and fully insured technicians for your peace of mind. 










We have a problem with something making noises in our loft, can you investigate and deal with what is there? 

All pests are dealt and this starts with a survey to determine what it is, whether its something insect related right through to the rodents like rats, mice and squirrels, we will determine the pest and the correct course of action. Our pest control covers the installation of bird control systems, rodent control with proofing and heat treatments for insects, we even offer mole control on a no catch no fee basis. 
Bracknell Pest Control are an independent pest and vermin control company based in Bracknell providing a full range of services in and around the Bracknell area operating in both the commercial and domestic sectors. We are a family based business that has over 17 years experience in the industry and we offer a low cost same day service for pest control call outs in Bracknell without stacking on hidden charges. 
Whether the pests you have are rodents like mice, rats or squirrels or of an insect variety like bed bugs, ants, clothes moths or cockroaches we can help rid you of your pest problem and as we include the property proofing within the cost of our pest control treatments. When you choose us to deal with your pests we'll get you pest free and you'll stay pest free! We practise Integrated Pest Management; this means that we first determine the nature of the pest and the access point; with rats, mice and squirrels we will set approved traps to reduce the population without resorting to the use of poison. 
Step two of the treatment is eradication; this is where we may switch to poison for a short period of time and once we have full control of the pests. After this we apply step three and this is where we start proofing your property against future inward pest migration to keep you and your family free from further disruption. 
Integrated Pest Management at work. Not only do we cover the usual pests but we are expert mole catchers and as we offer a "no catch - no fee" service; we make sure that our treatments are second to none other. If you have moles in Bracknell and the surrounding areas and we don't catch the mole then you don't pay unlike some companies that charge a set fee no matter the result. We also provide bird proofing work in Bracknell such as the installation of netting systems, post and rail or anti-bird spikes to prevent birds from roosting on your property, we also carryout clean up works removing the build up of guano and old nesting material from lofts, gutters and roof spaces. 
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