Professional cockroach control throughout Bracknell, Wokingham, Crowthorne and surrounding areas. 

Why are cockroaches such a pest in Bracknell? 

Cockroaches are a serious health hazard to residents and businesses throughout Berkshire, they carry serious disease such as Salmonella, Dysentery and Gastro-enteritis, their faeces have been linked to eczema and asthma. Cockroaches are robust insects; their tough nature means they breed quickly in huge numbers; the female cockroach can hold up to 50 eggs at once. 
Most of the cockroach infestations we treat in Bracknell are in unclean kitchens of food establishments or domestic properties, the discarded bits of food that fall on the floor gives them an endless source of food. Poor cleaning and attention mean that infestations go completely unnoticed as cockroaches will hide in dark cracks and crevices until night fall, commercial food establishments will be shut down by environmental health until a trained pest control technician has ensured the cockroach infestation has been treated. 
Our technicians at Bracknell Pest Control often see cockroach infestations in flats and HMOs, because of the extensive use of water, gas and electricity it means the insects can easily travel from the infested area to another part of the building using the pipes and wiring that lay throughout the property. 
Making sure your kitchen is cleaned daily, bins taken out and secured will keep these critters at bay. For food establishments we can provide monthly monitoring to ensure these infestations never happen, we also monitor the property for rats and mice. 
Cockroach on stone

Cockroach extermination from Bracknell Pest Control 

Bringing an end to cockroach infestations starts with you. You need to ensure the infested area is clean and tidy so we can do what we do best, we use a variety of methods to tackle infestations; traps, gels and surface sprays which kill the cockroaches and stop them breeding. 
Cockroaches are not just found in restaurants and takeaways; we see many cases where people have bought them back to their Bracknell home from a sunny week away. 
When on holiday make sure your bags and suitcases are closed when not in use and for more information on how to avoid bringing any unwanted pests’ home with you read our (holiday survival guide). 

Have you got cockroaches in Bracknell? 

Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 and we will arrange a treatment for you! 
We provide monthly pest control monitoring for businesses, call us now for a quote. 
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