Flea treatment in Bracknell, Wokingham, Crowthorne and surrounding Berkshire areas. 

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Effective flea control in Bracknell 

Fleas are a common problem. We regularly attend domestic and commercial properties around the Thames Valley. Fleas can jump up to 8 inches in height and have been known in some cases to jump up to 20 inches in distance, on human terms that's the same as a human jumping onto the John Nike Leisure Centre or from a standing start, clearing the Ice Rink. There are around 8 types of flea in the UK, with the following 4 being the typical fleas in Bracknell;  
Bird Flea, Cat Flea, Dog Flea, Human Flea. 


Bird Flea: They multiply rapidly and are found frequently in Hen houses, Batteries and similar environments. Their host animals are birds nesting in dry conditions or us human beings. Bird fleas range from 2-2.5mm long and are typically brown in colour. 
Cat Flea: Often found in the bedding or cat’s fur, cat fleas are often unaware of whether they can feed on the animal until they have bitten it. They will deem the host animal unsuitable and soon drop off. They can feed on Cats, Dogs, Humans and other small fury mammals. 
Dog Flea: Man’s best friend is always in contact with our family and friends meaning the fleas can cause a problem in multiple properties in no time at all. They grow between 2-3.25mm long and will feed on most domestic animals and human beings. They’re also found in the bedding and if left undisturbed, can live up to 155 days without feeding. 
Human Flea: Found in our living areas, a similar size to their neighbouring dog flea. Human fleas will host on most animals. Mankind being their Michelin star but will happily host on badgers, foxes & pigs. 
Cat and dog fleas are often carried in with your pet or hitch rides from friends houses on your clothing. The fleas can been seen in the carpets, skirting boards & sofas of houses throughout Bracknell & Wokingham; after feeding the female fleas’ will lay several hundred eggs in the hosts’ animals fur. After 2 or 3 days these eggs drop off the animal and fall into the carpet or pets bedding. They'll then hatch into hairy worm-like larvae which eventually will pupate and become adult fleas' within two months thereby continuing the cycle.  
Fleas are able to survive for a year feeding on you or your pet! 
Close up of a flea

Bracknell Pest Control for professional flea control. We need your help! 

What you need to do: 
Pick up all small items from the floors of affected areas. 
Thoroughly vacuum clean the entire house and then remove the waste bag from INSIDE the vacuum cleaner and the house as this will contain live fleas, larvae and eggs. 
If using a bag less vacuum cleaner, wash out the chamber with disinfectant to kill any remaining fleas and eggs. 
All the floor area of the house will be sprayed with residual insecticide. 
The property must then be vacated for at least eight hours; including all pets. 
After the treatment do not vacuum for at least 14 days as missed flea eggs will hatch and come into contact with the insecticide. 

Can we help you with your flea problem? 

Bracknell Pest Control (part of All Aspects Pest Control) provide a free telephone consultation if you think you have a flea infestation and we will advise you on the best course of treatments using the latest innovative products. 

All our technicians are trained and certified to provide the best quality pest control solution for you. 


Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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