Professional mole control throughout Bracknell, Wokingham, Crowthorne and surrounding areas. 

Why are moles such a problem in Bracknell? 

If you live in any built up area and Bracknell is no exception, you have probably never seen a mole hill or experienced the damage done to a lawn by moles. These are amazing creatures that are so adapted to their environment – they are unique in every way and have evolved very little from the first discovered species. 
Moles used to be valuable for their fur and that trade is now a thing of the past and the only commercial reason for mole catching is for agriculture as the soil pushed up to form the mole hill gets dragged into silage bails where bacteria poisons the grass and this is potentially fatal to livestock. 
The main reason that we carryout mole control in the Bracknell area is for the damage they do to lawns and amenity areas. Moles dig tunnels at varying depths, some will be over a foot deep and others just run through the roots of the turf. This action kills the grass and when the shallower tunnels are trodden on they collapse leaving long depressions which ruin the look of a lawn. 
The deeper tunnels do no damage and there is good reason to believe that these aid the ground through drainage and aeration however the shallower tunnels can become hazardous as the ground becomes uneven and this presents a trip hazard to both humans and animals such as horses. 
We cover schools, domestic properties and farms for mole control all over Bracknell, we only use humane traps set within the mole tunnel system so these do not present a danger for children or pets. 
Mole in molehill

Bracknell pest Control - no mole - no fee 

We work on a no catch no fee system: we are confident in our ability to catch moles so we don’t charge for the mole treatment, we charge you for the proven results. The animals are left with the customer in a sealed plastic bag – never pay up front for a mole treatment as they can and do move out of an area of their own accord. 

No catch = no fee, it does what is says on the tin! 

Moles live a solitary life; they set up an area consisting of a number of feeding zones and rotate throughout these just eating enough insects in each one to enable the insect population to recover. They never remove all the prey an in the event of encountering poor soil with few insects living there, they quickly move onto a better zone. 
Moles start their breeding season from late February: this see’s a burst of frantic activity as the boar moles start travelling out of their established areas seeking the females. Another busy time is late summer; the sow will drive her litter away to establish their own territories and this is often the first time people encounter a mole in their garden. 

Professional mole control in and around Bracknell 

Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 for professional mole control in Bracknell. 
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