Squirrels causing havoc in your house? Bracknell Pest Control covering Bracknell, Wokingham, Crowthorne and surrounding areas. 

Why are Squirrels such a pest? 

There is a lot of confusion when we explain to people the noises they hear during the day could be squirrels running around their loft. A lot of people do not see squirrels as a pest, but they are. Brought into the UK in the 1800s, the Grey Squirrel is native to America and with their introduction to the UK so began a dramatic decline in the number of native red squirrels. Grey squirrels carry a Parapoxvirus which to our understanding does not affect their health but is deadly to our once common red squirrel. 
Along with carrying this deadly disease, the grey squirrel is known to eat green acorns which is also the staple food of the native red. They will eat the acorns before they ripen and the red squirrels only feed on ripe acorns, the result is no food for our native species. There is no natural predator for these fury feral foes. So, over the last few years we have seen a huge increase in the population of these squirrels, particularly around Bracknell, Wokingham & Crowthorne. 
This has been our busiest year receiving calls about squirrels in Bracknell, invading homes and causing destruction. It is a great area for a squirrel, food is in abundance in the thick forest that surrounds the wider Bracknell area. Along with the new homes that are being built, there are lots of places for them to call home and it won’t be stopping anytime soon! Squirrels tend to have 2 breeding seasons starting at the coldest time of the year. In 2018 due to the hot summer they were found to have bred 3 times in the year, a typical birth will see from 3-5 kittens, but some have been recorded to have up to 9. 
There are things we can to do prevent having unwanted housemates; ensure all trees surrounding your property are not close to the house as they are keen jumpers and will do what they can to get what they want. The grey squirrel is extremely focused and relentless; they are strong and will gnaw through all types of wood, thin sheet metal and even brick. 

Are you hearing noises in the loft? 

There are a few ways of telling whether you have rats or squirrels, rats will typically have a very musty smell whereas squirrels will have an earthy, nutty smell to their presence and often cause a lot of damage to wires, loft insulation and anything they can get their teeth on. Look in your loft for droppings and patches of urine, they will pull insulation into a ball, shredding stored items like clothing and soft furniture as well to make a nest which is called a drey. They are not as careful nor as shy as rats and will make noise throughout the day and you can hear them sometimes at night. You might hear loud thumps or clunks where they are mischievously running around your ceiling/loft without a care in the world. 

So why use Bracknell Pest Control? 

Our treatment: We are a pest control company who have years of experience when eradicating squirrels in Bracknell, we will never poison squirrels and approach the treatment from two angles. The first step we take is to lay humane traps in the space they’re living in to ensure the fury foe will be tempted by our wide range of bait. The next step is to trap along the fence line around your property or on a large tree, we see a better result when trapping along what they feel is a safe path to their home. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act it is illegal to live catch these animals and let them go, with no predators they are classed as vermin. We will identify how they are getting in and ensure all entrances/exits are blocked using a thick steel plate. 
We aim to attend all Squirrel callouts in Bracknell, Wokingham and surrounding areas within 24 hours. 

The importance of Squirrel control in Bracknell, Wokingham, Binfield and the surround Berkshire areas. 

Squirrels can be found throughout the entire area; whether you live in Bracknell or neighbouring towns like Wokingham or Reading. We see squirrel infestations all year round, and as there is a constant rise in population meaning that they have become a long-term issue. As we are seeing a third breeding season will see numbers rise dramatically and squirrels become more of a pest. 

Got a problem with squirrels in Bracknell? 

Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 and we can arrange a treatment for you. 
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