Balcony Cleaning and Pigeon Prevention in Bracknell   

We have pigeons nesting on our balcony, can we get rid of them? 
The answer is yes you can, pigeons represent quite a health hazard and if they are nesting on your balcony then they have to me moved off. 
We don't kill the birds but what we do if shoo them off, build a frame for a net or use the existing building structure if its available to install a large translucent net across the opening onto the balcony. 
This stops the birds from accessing the area and means that you are now free from your feathered friends. 
That's not all we do, we will scrape up all the accumulated bird poo, nests and any dead birds lying around, then we will scrub the area down with a powerful biocide and remove all bacteria, viruses and fungus left from the birds. 
Can you spike the balcony instead of netting it? 
When we talk about birds we use the term pressure to explain how they are acting and the deterrent has to fit the pressure otherwise it will fail.  
When birds are already nesting, spiking will probably not stop them as they will drop twigs and bits of rubbish into the 'crown' of spikes building a platform on which they rebuild their nest. 
If you already have birds roosting over night or actually nesting then you are under heavy pressure and you need an absolute deterrent. 
We can install a variety of systems including netting, spikes, wire rail and post, pots of 'fire gel' - these are an optical device as birds see in the ultraviolet spectrum, sunlight plays across a chemical gel and gives off a flickering UV reflection - the birds see fire. 

 Pigeon cleaning services from a local company 

We work for both domestic and commercial customers in Bracknell and right across the south of England, cleaning balconies and installing nets, installing wire mesh under solar panels and spiking gutters and ridges to keep birds from roosting on properties and causing problems. 
We also work for many commercial companies cleaning up guano on roof tops around air conditioning plant and installing nets above the machinery - no job too big. 
Pigeons cause a lot of mess and this matter is hazardous to health - we clean this matter away removing any contaminated items and leaving you safe and bird free - click here to visit the HSE website on risks of working with bird droppings. 

Pigeon control solutions in Bracknell 

Do we need netting, will the birds just go? 
Pigeons live in small flocks and for safety they look to stay together, a unused balcony even if its only for a couple of weeks is an open invitation for the birds to move in and begin nesting. The birds won't go of their own accord once they start nesting and because the young pigeons will stay in that nest until full sized adults what you find is a constant pattern of new egg's being laid, young birds leaving the nest and more chicks hatching to take their place.  
All this time the birds are defecating and this nutrient rich mass is host to harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus and teeming with insects; some of these are blood sucking parasites and if the birds were to suddenly leave the only food source in the area will be ... YOU. 
Pigeons are a major problem right across Bracknell and our pest of the month in September. 
We don't harm the birds, the nets prevent them form getting into that space and we clean up the mess. 

Got a problem with pigeons in Bracknell? 

Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 as we have the solution for you. 
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