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Give pigeons the bird - professional bird solutions in Reading from a local company  

Reading is like many places where it has a sizable pigeon problem and here at Bracknell Pest Control we have the ultimate pigeon solution – high quality net installations that are guaranteed to resolve your problem. 

What is the problem with pigeons nesting on our building?  

Pigeons are social birds so where you get one, then you’ll be bound to get more and when their numbers rise this is when the problems set in. These are large birds and each one produces around a kilogram of droppings or guano every month and its these droppings that create much of the problem. 
Pigeon droppings in themselves are highly toxic, the mass of droppings forms a moist nutrient rich breeding ground for some very nasty bacteria, fungus and viruses all of which can lead to serious health issues and in the workplace can lead to staff refusing to work in contaminated areas and managers and business owners being in breach of health and safety legislation. 
That’s not just the only problem with pigeon droppings, as well as being toxic they mass is highly acidic and it is slowly eating away at the surfaces that its sits on causing a slow but long term damage to the structure. 
If that wasn’t enough, the sheer mass of droppings blocks rainwater collection and runoff arrangements meaning the hoppers become blocked, guttering fills up and can become detached under the weight and roof valley fill up allowing water to seep into the internal roof space. 
two pigeons
pigeon with eggs
pigeon on a roof
pigeon walking on spikes
pigeon nest on spikes

What is the best way to prevent pigeons from nesting on our building?  

We consider that bird netting is the best way of preventing pigeons from nesting on your property as a correctly fitted net forms a solid, physical barrier preventing the birds from landing on the areas that are protected by the net. 
Control of feral pigeons depends on the correct choice of bird deterrent; these are intelligent birds and successful pigeon control does not work on a one size fits all approach. We often see spiking fitted in areas that are wholly inappropriate and the installation has only made things worse. 
If pigeons have found a nest site this will have some protection from the elements and this is where bird netting cannot be beaten, we find that domestic balconies are now a favourite site for pigeons to nest on and it’s a simple operation to fit a net across the open face of the balcony to keep the birds away. 
Other spaces tend to be roof top plant machinery on commercial properties, all the air conditioning plant and fans for smoke vents sit in the flat roof of these buildings and the birds will nest on any ledges and within the frame of the actual machinery. We can install nets around the plant, either using the natural contours of the building to help us build a frame or we can use free standing supports and build a cage around the plant. 
bird netting
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There are other bird deterrents available, why is netting considered the best?  

There are numerous bird deterrent systems to choose from to prevent pigeons from nesting on your building; visual ones that scare the birds off and spikes, coils and rails that prevent the birds from landing and perching. 
All these systems have the correct place in which they will work very well but netting is without doubt the best at preventing pigeons from settling and nesting. The failure of visual deterrents is that the birds eventually become used to their presence and they fail to scare the birds off. Spiking can be overcome as the birds will drop twigs and debris into the open crown, eventually this builds up enough for the birds to perch and once they start perching, their faeces will glue this mass together and another nest is formed. 
A bird net installed from Bracknell Pest Control will last for well over ten years and we guarantee our installations for first two years from installation As long as the net isn’t cut, it will go on working keeping the pigeons off the area, day after day. To avoid cutting the net, we will install access zips and create doors using removable clips to allow contractors access into the interior of the void. This access is particularly useful when covering roof top machinery and we can also use translucent nets so that they do not stand out and mask the building. 
We have over 19 years’ experience in general pest control and providing bird control services throughout Berkshire and parts of West London, our technicians are fully trained, and they hold IPAF qualifications to hire and use hydraulic access equipment for safe access to difficult to reach areas. 
If you want a no obligation quote for pigeon control then get in touch with us. Our site surveys are free and we can talk you through the problem and the correct solution. 

Got a problem with pigeons in Reading? 

Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 as we have the solution for you. 
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