Pest Control in Shinfield 

Here at Bracknell Pest Control we are a local family run pest business which deals with a variety of pests that you'll likely to encounter in Shinfield, the most common pests in the area being rats and mice, squirrels and moles and then through the summer months we'll see wasps and hornets. We deal with all other insect pests such as carpet beetles and clothes moths and those that get picked up unexpectedly like cockroaches and bed bugs. 
We all hold qualifications from the Royal Society Public Health: Level 2 in Pest Management and we are members of a Government backed scheme aimed at raising standards throughout the pest control industry. Our aim is to deliver a quality, tailor made service at the right price; we focus on you the customer and treat your home as if it were our home. Our approach means that we work very differently to many other pest control companies, for example rodenticide is used as a last resort in our rodent treatments and never as the first and only means of control and we explain in the sections below what our treatments consist off. 

Hornet and Wasp Nest Treatment in Shinfield 

When it comes to wasp and hornet nest treatments in Shinfield we guarantee all of our these; the insects should die off within hours of our technician being with you and in the event that doesn't happen, we will return and re-treat the nest for you. 
But that's not all! Our wasp and hornets nest treatments include any other nests that we find; here at Bracknell Pest Control we don't stick on 'extras' or hike up our prices - if you've got wasps then we get rid of them its as simple as that. 
We have over 19 years service in the industry and we take pride in the level of service that we provide. 
Cockroach on stone

Mole Catching in Shinfield 

Moles are an elusive animal and you never know when they are going to pop up in the lawn; rural areas like Shinfield can see regular inward movement of moles from the surrounding countryside, particularly as they have some busy periods through the year. 
We carryout our mole catching in a traditional manner using barrel traps that apart from the materials they're made off, have changed little over hundreds of years; if it worked then, well its works now. 
We carryout our mole catching treatments on a no catch = no fee basis, so you're only paying for proven results - never pay up front for mole catching. 
Moles are a constant for us and how I started in the pest control business. They are our pest of the month for March - click here to follow the link. 

Bird proofing works and guano cleaning in Shinfield 

Feral pigeons build their nests from a mix of rubbish and twigs cemented together with their feaces, these nests contain a lot of harmful bacteria and viruses and it requires a specialist clean with the correct protective clothing and accessories to remove the nests, staining and any dead bi we find. 
The introduction of roof top solar panels has presented us with a new problem when it comes to feral pigeons; these birds like to nest and roost beneath the panels turning your roof into a hazardous area covered in bird feaces. 
If you have a pigeon problem and its getting you into a bit of a flap, please give us a call on 01344 534 311. 
Our website has details of bird work we do on our pigeon page - click here to follow the link 
Cockroach on stone

Bed Beg Treatments in Shinfield 

Bed bugs are becoming the modern plague; its a 21st Century problem because we travel further and more frequently, and so we stand a greater chance of picking these insects up and bringing them home with us. 
These insects are developing increased resistance to the pesticides that we use in their control and so they are becoming more difficult to treat; we always incorporate heat in our bed bug treatments as they can't withstand high temperatures. 
We use a cocktail of chemicals and heat applications to destroy these bloodsucking insects - click here to visit our site where there are; 

Rat catching in Shinfield 

Rats are a common problem just about everywhere and we find Shinfield is no exception; when it comes to rats our approach to achieving control is different to other pest control companies. Firstly we don't resort to the use of poison straight away; we look to track the animals movements, where they are inside a property we want to find the entrance point so we can seal it up. 
We do this through tracking and trapping the rats, we will often find that there is a fault underground with the drainage system; we carryout CCTV surveys on your drains as standard - if you've got rats inside the house, our aim is to find our how they're getting in. 
We do use rodenticide for rat control but we only use it as a last resort; we find the entrance point and seal it up - why would you want anything different? 

Squirrel Catching in Shinfield 

Squirrels are an invasive species and have no predators; as an introduced animal and an apex predator, these rodents have decimated our resident red squirrel population, pushed many song birds to the brink and damaged acres of young tree's. 
Why is a squirrel such a pest? Squirrels are omnivores and able to eat just about anything from tree bark, flower bulbs, seeds and acorns and meat; with two breeding seasons and no predators to control numbers the grey squirrel population increases year on year and with few nest sites they will gnaw through roof fascias to use your loft. 
Once inside your loft they cause damage to insulation and stored items; we do not use poison on squirrels we only use humane traps. Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act it is illegal to release a unharmed grey squirrel. 

Mouse Control in Shinfield 

Field mice will always be a problem in Shinfield; as a rural area surrounded by open fields and woodland you will see a high degree of shrew, wood mouse and field mouse activity. 
These animals all belong outside and we try to keep them there; we start with an thorough inspection of your property and we will seal up any holes that we find. As a rule of thumb for mouse entrances use your little finger - if you can find a hole that size then a mouse can get in. 
We continue to seal and trap until we've caught all the mice inside your property, careful examination will reveal all the access points. 
It is illegal for a professional pest control company to use rodenticide on field mice as they are not covered by the rodenticide label. 
Cockroach on stone

Cockroach Treatments in Shinfield 

Cockroaches are becoming more frequent as a type of pest infestation right across the region; our dependence on 'just in time' stock movements see the speed of movement of goods increase between the factory and the point of delivery; your home or business. 
Cockroaches lay their egg's in a protective case; this has a sticky surface is attached somewhere safe and if that is inside an electrical appliance or a multipack of foodstuffs its very easy for the young cockroaches to transfer from country of origin to here. 
We use a cocktail of chemicals in the form of gels, liquids and fogging agents to eradicate cockroaches over separate visits. 

Waste Clearance in Shinfield 

We are registered waste carriers licensed with the Environment Agency; if you have had an infestation and you're left with contaminated items or old redundant rotten sheds and outbuildings we can remove these and clean up leaving you in a pest free environment - just ring us for a free no obligation quote. 
Whatever your pest or if you just need some advice, the technicians at Bracknell Pest Control are here for you! We believe our customers should receive the same great service and treatment that we would accept in our own home. We are disrupting the industry by doing the job properly! I know crazy right? 
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