Professional rat catching across Wokingham and Winnersh 

Wokingham and Winnersh both suffer from problems with rats especially within the drainage system, the rats use the drains as an alternative food source and for warmth in winter. The main use of the sewers by rats is to travel about safe and undetected until they pop up in someone's home or business; the drains connect just about every building and any defects will be exploited by rats. 
Here at Bracknell Pest Control we do things with a difference: firstly we work on a set price so it's never going to be three visits and that's your lot, we work until we gain control. That control is done in the first instance through trapping the rats, we rarely resort to the use of poison in peoples homes and businesses as we don't agree with it. 
Why don't we agree with the use of rodenticide within your property? 
The easy answer is that no-one can say where the animal will die and if that occurs inside your building then yours troubles will be added to - dead rats stink, the also attract carrion flies that lay maggots on the body and when these are ready to pupate they will crawl downwards and sometimes that brings them through light fittings, pipe holes and cable holes into the living space of your home. When the maggots finally pupate you'll have swarms of flies - who wants this? 
So we trap, that way we can physically take out dead rats and we'll use different coloured tracking dusts to tell us where they got in - be it through a wall, the drains or by climbing up the exterior and coming in through the roof. 
Rat in a pipe

Rats in drains across Wokingham and Winnersh 

We often find that the drains look suspicious: rat droppings, scratch marks and occasionally just by looking at the state of the inspection pit so we will look through the drainage system as part of our treatment. 
Other pest control companies will happily charge you for this service but we don't - why is that? We believe that our customers are our priority and if that means that we have to go the extra mile then so be it - if we had a rat infestation this is how we would want it sorted out. 
A simple drain inspection with CCTV equipment may highlight the fault within minutes of our arrival, although we can't do any complex repairs that are required we can at least give you some options for going forward. 
A one way valve may be sufficient or a lengthy repair, either way we can help you make that assessment and steer you towards the right people to do the job. 
Professional rat control from a local company based in Bracknell 

If you have a rat problem in Wokingham or Winnersh we aim to attend callouts within 24 hours, we are based in Bracknell and just around the corner. 

Rats can be found throughout Bracknell, Wokingham and Winnersh and the wider area, don't let these rodents damage your property call out a professional pest control company - members of the National Pest Technicians Association we are fully insured. 

We provide seven days a week service for squirrel infestations in Wokingham. 

Call us now on 01344 534 311 
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