Rat, Mice and Pigeon Cleaning in Bracknell   

Have you had a pest problem with rats in the loft or mice in the kitchen? 
Does your garden have an old shed that’s now worn out and tumble down and has more rats inside it than garden tools? 
Are feral pigeons living in the loft and making a mess? 
If you answer yes to any of these questions we know how difficult it is to deal with the aftermath of a pest infestation; rats, mice and squirrels urinate and defecate everywhere leaving behind a sodden mess that smells to high heaven and is full of droppings.  
Pigeons make such a mess it’s a wonder where to start the cleaning process, nesting material, dead birds and just the sheer amount of droppings makes dealing with this an insurmountable problem for many people. 
You need to wear protective clothing and you’ll need a way to get rid of the waste material and this is where we can help you out: we provide a wide range of pest control treatments and we also carryout cleaning and waste removal as part of that service.  
If you find yourself on the wrong end of a rodent or pigeon problem, then you can turn to us to help you resolve the issue and return your property to being … yours. 

Waste Removal and Cleaning in Bracknell from a Local Company 

When you have something like mice in the house you probably don’t realise that they will deposit feaces between 40 and 60 times a day, when it comes to rats it’s a little less at an average of 40 times a day.  
That’s an awful lot of mess and something that is difficult for most people to tackle themselves, and, when you multiply that to the average UK rat infestation of five rats it means that there could be around 200 fecal droppings a day inside your property. 
Rodents carry harmful bacteria in their excretions, and these will predominantly be found inside your loft: the cavity wall and the properties drainage system all lead to this area. The loft is dark, largely free from human activity and warm in winter as heat rises and gets trapped in the fiberglass insulation.  
This makes an ideal bedding layer for all the rodent species and pigeons will happily roost in a loft, perched on joists or on stored items inside. 

Rat and Pigeon Waste Cleaning Service in Bracknell 

Loft insulation absorbs all of the animals’ waste products and soon becomes a toxic sodden mass, disposing of this waste material requires planning and the ability to get the material safely to a waste management plant. We have a dedicated vehicle to carry this waste and we have experience in delivering a post infestation cleaning service for rodents and feral pigeons. 
We can take out all the contaminated insulation and stored items, vacuuming up any droppings and then spraying the area with a powerful biocide to kill off any lingering bacteria, fungus and viruses that may linger. 
In the garden we can provide a full cut back and clear service to taking down and removing worn out sheds and outbuildings that can harbour rats; we often find that an external rodent infestation is all down to the fact that the garden is overgrown and these sheds give the animals somewhere to live. 
Cutting back and removing the harbourage means that there is nowhere for the rats to live and so you will remain pest free for good. 
Pigeons will move into an area overnight and once they are established, they will be difficult to persuade to leave their roost, physical prevention in the form of netting or spiking is always our recommendation.  
The birds will leave behind a mountain of waste material that is extremely toxic in nature; we can clean this up, removing the guano, nest material and any dead birds to leave your property a safe and fit place to live. 
Here at Bracknell Pest Control we are licensed by the Environment Agency as upper tier waste carriers and so we will ensure that all of our waste material is taken to approved waste management centers. 
We pay to have this waste taken away and we can reassure you that nothing will be fly-tipped or dumped illegally; we are required to keep waste transfer documentation and this can be copied and sent over to you for your record keeping. 
We work with both the domestic and commercial sector when it comes to providing pest control and the cleaning service; we can take away redundant items like old office furniture and pallets that may provide harbourage for rats. We can clean out lofts, disused garages and storerooms – just about anything that’s been contaminated by pests. 

If you've got a pest problem in Bracknell? and waste material then we have the solution! 

Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 as we have the solution for you. 
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