Professional squirrel control across Wokingham and Winnersh 

Squirrels have a Jekyll and Hyde personality, on one hand cute and amazing to watch carrying out gravity defying acrobatics running effortlessly straight up tree's and wall's and then ... into someones loft where they cause chaos tearing up insulation and keeping people awake at night. These rodents are originally from north America and they were bought to the UK by the Victorians as they thought that the grey squirrel had a better nature than the native red squirrel. 
Grey squirrels are now seen in a much different light, classed as vermin it is actually illegal to capture a grey squirrel and release it into the countryside; with few no predators these rodents have taken over the territory of their native cousins the red squirrel. Squirrel pox which is a virus carried harmlessly by the greys has wiped out the red squirrel population, combined with their predation of many songbirds and their habit of gnawing bark of young tree's and killing them its no surprise that the grey has the reputation that it does. 
Squirrel sat on the edge of a roof

Squirrel trapping in Wokingham and Winnersh 

Although it is now legal to poison the grey squirrel we don't agree with that a form of control: squirrels will be in domestic lofts throughout the year and most often during the colder months. They will fatten up as the year draws to a close and when poisoned they will die in your loft, we trap using approved humane break back devices as its better to remove the dead animal. 
We install a number of traps and check these on a daily basis catching the animals until we have control, we will then look for the entrance point and seal this to stop them from re-using it and it helps prevent other creatures like birds from taking advantage of the entrance to the loft space. 
Squirrels have two breeding seasons if the weather is right and you will find them settling down in lofts all year long if they are allowed. Integrated Pest Management = detection, trapping and proofing will keep you squirrel free. 
Professional squirrel control from a local company based in Bracknell 

If you have a squirrel problem in Wokingham or Winnersh we aim to attend all callouts within 24 hours, based in Bracknell we are just around the corner. 

Squirrels will be found throughout Bracknell, Wokingham and Winnersh and the wider Thames Valley area, don't let these rodents damage your property call out a professional pest control company - members of the National Pest Technicians Association we are fully insured. 

We provide seven days a week service for squirrel infestations in Wokingham. 

Call us now on 01344 534 311 
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