Professional wasp nest removal in Bracknell 

Wasps and hornets are a summertime pest and a frequent problem in Bracknell, as the summer goes on so the numbers of wasps inside the nest go up - DIY treatments should not be attempted if you do not know the size of the nest. Wasp stings are painful enough but there is a high risk of an severe allergic reaction; our technicians are well equipped to deal with any size wasp or hornet nest and they have protective clothing to keep them safe. 

Guaranteed wasp and hornet nest removal in Bracknell 

The wasp year starts around March, it all begins with the Queen; she has successfully overwintered in a loft somewhere in Bracknell and now she emerges on a warm spring day. Her priority is to find something to eat and then a place in which to build her colony – she will only live for six or seven months and during that time she has an empire to build. 
Depending on the species of wasp, she will find her spot and begin construction of the nest; we have several different species of nest building wasps and even though sheds, lofts and cavity wall seem to be the main areas of wasp nest building, hedges and tree’s will also be taken up as a suitable site. 
Wasps are insectivores and they will predate one another so our Queen is in a race against time, she starts building here nest with the construction of a single thick stem called a petiole, around the base of that stem she forms the first of the brood cells. To protect the nest and to help regulate the internal temperature she builds a paper sheath around the outside. 
The first weeks of the Queens life are an incredibly busy time, she must forage for food for herself as well as for the growing number of larvae that are in the nest and continue building brood cells. She will have mated last autumn and held onto numerous sperm packets from her many suitors, as the first workers emerge it’s a case of a sister from a different father every time. 

Banish wasps from your home with one telephone call 

Once enough workers are established, she will imprison herself inside the nest, never to leave, her job now is to mass produce worker wasps, thousands and thousands. The more workers means the better the protection from other nests and more food to enable the production of even more eggs, her whole life builds to one single point – the time that she produces here last batch of eggs which will become Queens in their own right. 
Our wasp nest that started as the same size of a ping pong ball in March and will end up between the size of a rugby ball and a huge beach ball depending on the species of wasp by the middle of summer. The workers job is to protect the nest and bring food in for the larvae, in this way they are beneficial as they eat their way through kilograms of insects, the problem is their desire to protect their nest. 
Wasps signal to one another through pheromones; invisible chemical odor’s and when one wasp becomes agitated it releases an alarm pheromone which excites its brethren. At this stage just move smartly away and they will soon relax and return to normal, at this point if you get stung then things go quickly from bad to worse. More pheromones are released which excite the other wasps even more, a wasp may even cling on to you allowing others to home in on the signals being released. Wasp stings are painful and they can cause a allergic reaction so its best to avoid this by not attempting to deal with the nest yourself and have a professional pest controller out to successfully remove the wasp nest. 

Guaranteed wasp and hornet nest removal in Bracknell 

We treat wasps nests in Bracknell two ways; by the application of an insecticidal powder or by using a liquid treatment, either way we guarantee that activity will stop within 24 hours of the treatment. A treated wasp nest reacts a certain way and our technician will stay on site to monitor the activity, while they’re with you they will search for other nests as its common to have a large nest that has been affecting a smaller nest; remove the large nest only and the smaller one will spring into life. We do not charge for additional nests as these are all part of our commitment to customer service – our customers are our priority. 
Professional wasp and hornet control from a local company based in Bracknell 

Do you have a problem with wasps? We can attend within 24 hours, based in Bracknell we are just around the corner. 

Wasps and hornets will be found throughout Bracknell, Wokingham and Winnersh and the wider Thames Valley area, don't let these insects ruin your summer call out a professional pest control company - members of the National Pest Technicians Association we are fully insured. 

We provide seven days a week service for wasp nest removal in Bracknell. 

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