Wasp Nest Removal Service in Shinfield  

When do wasps and hornets appear in Shinfield? 

Wasps and hornets appear across Shinfield throughout the early spring and even later if the weather is cool as we go into the summer months. Wasps quickly become a serious pest problem and one that really needs to be dealt with by a professional pest control company, here at Bracknell Pest Control we have over 19 years of expertise in dealing with all pests and not just wasps.  
Our pest control technicians have a wealth of experience to draw upon and a wide range of chemicals and application methods to ensure that we deliver a first-class wasp nest removal service to our customers. They are also equipped with the best personal protective clothing. 
As a pest control company that goes the extra mile for its customers, part of our wasp nest removal service in Shinfield includes a survey of your entire property; wasps and hornets all emerge in the spring and its common to find that a property has one large wasp nest that’s the reason for the callout along with a second nest that has gone unnoticed. 
The larger, dominant nest is collecting the majority of the available insects in the area and also attacking the smaller nest, the eradication of the larger nest will allow the remaining one to flourish; this means that within weeks you will have to call out for yet another wasp nest treatment. 

The wasp nest process in Shinfield 

We have two different ways in which we can resolve your wasp problem and these are as follows: 
Wasp Nest Removal 
If the wasp or hornet nest is within physical reach of the technician, we will inject a powerful pesticide powder directly into the interior, wait twenty minutes and then bag up and remove the entire nest and contents from your home. The pesticide we use is incredibly strong and within 15 to 20 minutes of application the wasps or hornets will have died off. There may be worker wasps still out hunting for insects and these stragglers will return to the area. Without the presence of the Queen wasp giving off her pheromone these workers have no purpose and so will fly off on their own accord. 
Void Wasp Nest Treatment 
Many wasp nests are built inside a place that’s difficult to access like deep inside a cavity wall or down inside the soffit box where there is no physical way of getting to it. In this event we will be unable to remove the nest and the insecticidal powder is injected into the void where the wasp nest is. This powder will penetrate the void finding its way to the nest and here it will kill off all the wasps along with the Queen. The advantage of this treatment is that those workers that are out hunting for insects will fly back to the nest and come into contact with the residue powder; this will kill all of the wasps over a period of 4 to 6 hours. 

Professional wasp and hornet control in Shinfield 

We also offer wasp traps that you can place outside the property which entice the workers away from your communal areas like patios; these lures are hanging traps that physically attract and catch the wasp inside. These traps can be used in conjunction with either of the treatments or just to keep wasps away from those social areas.  
One advantage of using these lures is that they are selective; only attracting wasps and not a danger to honeybees. These traps are 100% pesticide and toxin free as well as being totally maintenance free – there is no need to clean or empty; simple hang up the trap, and at the end of the summer just throw the trap away. 

Professional pest controllers covering Shinfield 

Our technicians all work full time in the pest control industry and they are fully trained professionals; we don’t run a ‘pop up’ company to deal with wasps just in the summer months, our staff are holders of the RSPH Level 2 Pest Management qualification and more importantly; they’re all equipped with the best personal protective equipment to tackle your wasp problem. 
Hornet nest treatments 
Wasp nest treatments 

Got a problem with wasps or hornets in Shinfield? 

Don’t delay phone us on 01344 534 311 as we have the solution for you. 
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