Professional wasp and hornet removal in Wokingham and Winnersh 

There is one thing that’s guaranteed to make you jump, and that’s the cry of “There’s a wasp on you!”, there’s nothing worse than finding out that you’ve got a wasp nest somewhere in the house. Wasps are a common problem in Henley, the Queen wasp emerges from hibernation in late spring and we don’t usually notice wasp activity until mid-summer, by then there are several hundred of the workers and its their aggressive nature that causes the problem. 
Wasps are aggressive when you’re near their nest; the insects that you can see are all females that only have one role and that’s to serve the Queen; they bring in food and provide protection for her and the colony. We have eight different kinds of colony building wasps and although they will all sting, one species is especially aggressive – the German wasp. 
This type of wasp builds its nest in hedges and inside hollow tree trunks and occasionally inside lofts, because they build in these exposed places, they have a higher degree of aggression then other types. We can identify the German wasp by its size, it’s the larger of the species and by markings on its face. The German wasp has three dots on its face, another feature is that the wasp nest material will be a grey colour and these all mean that you should approach any wasp nest treatment with caution. 
Wasps communicate with each other through the use of pheromones; when you see a wasp flying about hunting for insects they move in a smooth flowing flight pattern, get near to a German wasp nest and agitate them they will all start flying in tight zig-zags; one starts and others follow, this is the pheromone instruction alerting the wasps and starting the aggression. 
Wasps love beer

Do you have a wasp problem in Wokingham and Winnersh? 

These are signals that its time to move away and if at this point you get stung, the wasp that injects the venom releases another more powerful pheromone which causes other wasps to react; the nest is now on full alert and with German wasps the only course of action is to run. These wasps will chase you and as we can out run their flight, the safest course of action is to beat a hasty retreat. But that may not be enough, wasps will grab hold of your clothing and cling on releasing pheromones telling the others where you are. 
Everyone reacts to a wasp sting, these are incredibly painful and you’re only getting a small dose of venom, the wasp produces around 15mg of venom which is used to paralyse insects; the fact that you’ve been stung is its defense mechanism – wasps are equipped with sharp mandibles and they can inflict a painful bite as well. 
If you’re lucky then all you’ll experience is a small area reaction; a large painful boil like swelling, most people respond with a large area reaction where the whole area swells. This becomes very painful and if you’re stung on the throat or inside the mouth this can be very serious.  
The most life-threatening reaction is anaphylactic shock where your immune system floods the body with histamine, this can be fatal and the reaction can set in within minutes of being stung. The NHS has guidance on anaphylaxis and how to deal with the condition – click this link to take you there. 
Wasps busy in their nest

Expert wasp treatment in Wokingham and Winnersh 

So wasp nest removal should always be left to the experts and here at Henley Pest Control we are experts in dealing with all types of pests and wasps and hornets are no exception, we provide a same day service for wasp nest removal in Henley and we can have one of our technicians out to you within 24 hours of receiving your call.  
Our staff are all fully trained in dealing with wasps and we have various chemicals and methods of application to ensure that we destroy the offending wasp nest. We also have properly designed personal protective equipment so we’re safe and your kept safe. On arrival at your property our technician will find and treat the wasp or hornet nest and then carryout a survey of the rest of the property, we often find that back in spring, one Queen was more successful then the others. Her colony has had the pick of the insects and even preyed on other wasps, this means that you can have a large dominant colony that has been recognised and one or two smaller colonies that have gone unnoticed due to the lower number of worker wasps.  
If we were to treat the larger colony and miss the smaller ones, without the food competition and the interference these will explode into life. Our aim is to get you wasp free and our technicians will actively search and carryout the wasp nest removal treatment on any other nests that they find – for no extra charge. 
We use powerful insecticides and activity should cease within a matter of hours, as a small family run pest control company we believe in delivering a quality service and so we guarantee all the wasp treatments – if activity doesn’t stop then we’ll return and carryout another treatment. 

Professional wasp nest removal 

Having access to powerful pesticides means that we take our work seriously and we work in accordance with the rules; our staff are all fully trained pest control professionals and we advise against using so called ‘pop-up’ wasp control companies. As ethical pest controllers we do not treat bee’s, the reason for this is that as a species they are so important to our survival we must consider their role and education is vital. 
Bumble bees are a fairly short lived species with workers living for only a few weeks, these bee’s make a small nest where they pack in a mixture of nectar and pollen; bee bread, the Queen lay eggs and then leave. The eggs hatch and the larvae feed on the bread eventually pupating into Queens and males, bumble bees are gentle insects and will sting when provoked or threatened – usually as a result of being trapped in clothing. Other bees like masonry bees don’t actually have a stinger or a venom sac; evolution has made these bees smaller and removed the stinger, as protection they look like wasps which means that some unethical pest controllers will treat them for purely a financial reward – they are no threat to us. 
Professional wasp and hornet control from a local company based in Bracknell 

If you have a wasp problem in Wokingham or Winnersh we aim to attend callouts within 24 hours, we are based in Bracknell and just around the corner. 


We provide seven days a week service for wasp and hornet problems in Wokingham. 

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