Professional wasp and hornet nest removal in Woodley 

Have you discovered a wasp nest in Woodley? Do you want a professional, local family run business who can give you a guarantee on the wasp eradication and get out to you today? 
Then look no further – we are a family-based company; husband and wife, son and future son-in-law team and we are all fully trained pest control professionals. We deal with all types of pests and when the summer comes its wasps and hornets that keep us busy right across the region and in places like Woodley. 
We understand the fear factor that surrounds the discovery of a wasp nest on your property and we provide a same day service for dealing with these pest problems that runs seven days a week. We use very strong pesticides to kill off the wasps and time from treatment to full eradication is a matter of hours, when possible we will treat and remove the nest at the same time, but this does depend on access to the nest. 
There are eight different species of nest building wasp and hornet native to the UK and these are the ones that create the problem, a good size colony can contain several thousand workers all of which pack a painful sting. It is these worker wasps that will become aggressive through the summer as the numbers of wasps grow so does the chance of contact with us heighten. 
Wasps love beer

Do you have a wasp problem in Woodley? 

When you call on Bracknell Pest Control to carryout a wasp nest removal in Woodley you can rely on us to destroy the nest that’s bothering you, while we’re conducting the treatment we will watch the reaction of the wasps to ensure that the chemicals have been applied to the site of the nest and we will carry out a survey around the property, looking to see if there are other nests which haven’t been noticed. 
Every wasp and hornet nest begins with a single Queen wasp, she comes out of hibernation in the spring and begins building her colony; the better the site and the earlier in the spring means that some nests are bigger than others. These wasps not only take the available insect prey from the area, but they will also attack and eat any other wasps living close by; when the larger wasp nest is destroyed it allows the smaller, weaker colonies to flourish. 
Our aim is to provide the best pest control service that we can so we’ll give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the wasp nest that we treat and if we discover a separate nest, then this will be treated and included in the same guarantee – for no extra charge. Our customers are our priority and we have a reputation for delivering an excellent pest control service in Woodley. 

Professional wasp nest removal 

What do wasps eat?  
Wasps eat insects in the main; their venom is used to paralyse prey like caterpillars, spiders and flies, they will cut the wings off insects like damsel flies and take these back to their nest. The worker wasp that you see flying around doesn’t eat the insects that she catches; they don’t have teeth. The wasps are equipped with a sharp set of mandibles which they use to chop up the insects into a pulp, they then feed this to the grubs inside the nest and it’s the grubs that in return feed the worker wasp by secreting a sticky sweet solution. Ever wondered why wasps like sweet drinks? It’s the sugars; they will also visit flowers that produce nectar for a quick ‘hit’. 
Can wasps bite? 
Yes, they deliver quite a painful bite using their mandibles, they can draw blood too! 
Why are wasps yellow and black? 
The colours are warning signals to other animals that they can inflict a sting, if you watch birds avoid wasps and the only animal that seems to ignore the warnings are dogs – well, that’s dogs for you. Some species of harmless bee known as a masonry bee camouflage themselves to look like wasps. These bees don’t carry a stinger as they have lost the need for this; they don’t build a colony but live as individuals in places like well drained sandy soils and sometimes digging into old crumbly mortar joints on walls. We have a link to a website that shows the differences between wasps, bees, hornets and hoverflies – click here to visit the All Aspects Pest Control visual guide to pests. 
Do wasps re-use old wasp nests?  
No, the Queen wasp starts each nest with a solitary thick pillar called a petiole from which the first hexagonal cell is suspended, she builds additional cells around this and so each cell will take on the characteristic hexagonal shape. Some wasps surround the cells with a paper sheath; this is used to help regulate temperature inside the nest, as the weather gets hotter more vents are made and workers will stand in the openings using their wings to waft fresh air through the nest. If the weather suddenly cools down, then they will build over the opening encasing the inner area and helping to retain heat. 
Why do wasps sting us?  
Wasp venom is used for paralyzing its prey, as they only contain round 15mg of venom its believed that when they sting us it’s a warning and they only give us a small hit of the toxins. You’ll either get stung because the wasp is defending itself ie: its become trapped in clothing or because you’re near its nest. 
What’s the point of wasps?  
Wasps are the major predator for insects and without wasps we would have more parasites of things like soft fruits and those plants that use flowers for reproduction, we know of the importance of bees but wasps are very important to the ecology of the planet as well. They also visit a lot of flowers searching for nectar, so they do pollinate and recent studies think that they pollinate almost as much as some bee species. The trouble with wasps is when they build close or inside our homes, they have an aggressive nature and their venom causes severe allergic reactions. 
Professional wasp and hornet control from a local company based in Bracknell 
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If you have a wasp problem in Woodley we aim to attend callouts within 24 hours, we are based in Bracknell and just around the corner. 


We provide seven days a week service for wasp and hornet problems in Woodley. 

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